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About Us

About Us

Control Chief Corporation began operations in 1971 with 8 people and in management’s words, “a will to succeed.” Today that will is stronger than ever with a core focus on our Customer Connected philosophy. Uniquely positioned in the marketplace and nearly 50 employees strong, Control Chief proudly displays the Made-in-America symbol on products that are researched, designed, produced and sold from our headquarters in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

To strive consistently for excellence. To provide our customers with world-class wireless solutions, products and services. Our Quality Management System demands we conduct this in a timely fashion to meet our customers’ expectations, applications, and satisfy their perceived needs. To provide our employees with a safe and satisfying work environment that encourages each employee to contribute, take responsibility, communicate openly, continually improve: both personally and professionally, and share in the success of the corporation.


Control Chief has a long standing relationship with several organizations in the many industries we serve including: AARS, AIST, AREMA, ASLRRA, EtherCAT, RSSI, Railway Supply Institute and GEAPS.