Raymote® Infrared Remote Control systems offer the ultimate in frequency-free wireless control solutions. A perfect fit for industrial applications involving over-head cranes, hoists and other equipment where the operator’s ability to see and assess the situation is essential. Strategically placed sensors enable safe, restrictive operating range.


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    Line of sight safety
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    No radio frequency interference
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    No FCC license required
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    Easy to install
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    Uses affordable, off-the-shelf battery power
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    Controllable sensor placement lets you define operational area
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    Multiple system capability
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    Simultaneous command capability


Over All Specifications
Coding Digital with 20 bit addressing
Operating Range The system is designed for a normal operating range, to any sensor, 150 feet with TX2.
Temperature Range -20°F to +140° F (-29° C to 60° C)
Environmental Transmitter, Sensor and Receiver sealed against dust to IP65
System Diagnostics Built in LED
Encoding/Decoding Microprocessor/Software Based

Dimensions 11.5 x 3.8 x 1.8 inches
Case Custom molded ABS plastic AO grade. Protection class IP65 without key switch. IP55 with key switch
Weight 2.0 lbs. including batteries
Transmission Type Infrared with Pulse Modulation
Transmission Beam 75 degrees Circular
Carrying Method Optional adjustable web belt/harness of strong, lightweight nylon fabric
Buttons Command buttons are 1 and 2 position momentary
Battery Eight – 1.5V size AA Standard Alkaline
Battery Life One (1) Month under normal shift operation
Time Out 12 minutes of transmitter non-use will put transmitter in sleep mode to extend battery life.

Sensor Specifications
Weight 1.2 lbs
Reception Angle 140 degrees circular pattern
Infrared Frequency 950 nanometers
Electrical Termination By means of BNC connectors and coaxial cable
Mounting By means of #10 hardware
Environmental Water and dust proof to IP65

Enclosure Industrial grade plastic with clear access cover and separate terminal cover
Supply Voltage Customer supplied 120 VAC, Single Phase 60 Hz – 75VA
Sensor Capability Up to 6 sensors per input
Receiving Unit Microprocessor based
Output Relays Contact rating 110 VAC 5 amps resistive
Fault Protection Internal Security circuits with Hamming Parity and Transmitter emergency shutdown
Electrical Termination By means of screw terminals, for wire sizes up to #16 MTW, #16 TFFM or equivalent stranded wire
Mounting By means of #10 mounting hardware
Environmental Water and dust proof to IP65
Response Time 150 to 330 milliseconds



-Controls up to eight individual relays
-Choose from three different industrial grade, hand-held transmitter models
-Integrated sensor with receiver

-Designed for operating cranes with three 2-speed motors
-Double detent motor control pushbuttons on transmitter
-System diagnostic
-Remote shutdown function
-Programmable alert function
-Operating range of 150 ft
-Sensor placement permits operating range modification

-Designed to operate up to five (5) 2-speed motors
-Full system diagnostics
-Remote shutdown function
-Programmable alert function
-Auxiliary functions can be added
-Motherboard design
-Operating range of 150 ft
-Sensor placement permits operating range modification

-Designed for remote operation of 5-speed cranes
-Can control up to five 3-speed or four 5-speed motors
-Full system diagnostics
-Rechargeable battery power
-Remote shutdown function
-Programmable alert function
-Programmable motor sequencing
-Auxiliary functions can be added
-Motherboard design
-Operating range up to 150 ft
-Sensor placement permits operating range modificatio